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Style & Approach

At Parham Media Productions we pride ourselves on a no-nonsense approach to corporate video. As they say, we like to cut to the chase. With our no-nonsense approach we seek to make video production accessible, manageable and affordable


We like making programs. It's fun. You start with the terror of the blank page and a few months down the track you finish with hearty applause at the launch. That's fun. Why spoil it by getting bogged down in budget over-runs, missed deadlines, and endless unnecessary meetings. Our no-nonsense approach means that we just get on with the business at hand - making programs that work.

Having said that, there's no denying that video is a complex and sophisticated medium - that's why it's so effective as a communication tool and why you're thinking of using it. The value of outsourcing the job to us is that, often, the 'outside observer' can bring an objective eye to the task at hand. We can cut through, helping you to clarify your communication objectives and turn them into a program that will become an invaluable resource in your organisation.

Video productions can have as many styles, or genres, as anything you see on television. A lot of the work we do is in a 'documentary style' using people from your organisation or company rather than actors. We've found that using actors, in spite of their brilliance, sometimes comes across to the audience as, in a word, acted. Women and men in the workplace often prefer to see themselves and their colleagues on the screen, talking in a manner they can identify with and which seems more real.

Nevertheless, it's horses for courses - we've had great results with actors and high profile presenters on some programs, we've done 'serious', we've done 'humour', it's really a matter of whatever it takes to get your message across. So if you have an idea in mind, let's talk. The possibilities are endless.



Alan Bennett