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Corporate and Commissioned Video Projects

Don Parham is regularly commissioned to produce video programs for the corporate, government,  education and community sectors. Parham Media Production's clients range from some of  Australia's largest corporations to state and federal government departments, educational institutions and community organisations. Clients include: Telstra, BHP, ANZ, Coles Myer, WorkSafe and the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.


Parham Media Productions handles everything from script development through the shoot and post-production to the finished Master, DVD authoring and distribution. Drawing on its extensive networks, Parham Media Productions uses only the best equipment and facilities, crews and other industry professionals on its productions. At the same time, it maintains a very personal touch through Don Parham's close involvement with every project.

Parham has found there is a natural marriage between his documentary work and the commissioned video work. Good communication is essentially a translation process - it is about taking complex issues and translating them into a language that is real for people. Whether it's a documentary for a wider television audience or a training video for in-house use, the approach is the same. The issues have to be humanised, people must identify with, and feel the relevance of, the issues under discussion.

Don Parham has been refining this art over many years through his documentary films and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all of Parham Media Production's corporate and commissioned video projects.

We invite you to contact us if you would like to discuss a project. Don't worry if you haven't commissioned a video before - our job is to demystify the medium and help you get started.



Alan Bennett