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Big People Small People
  About the distribution of wealth in Australia.
  2 x 58 min, SBS-TV, 1991

This two part, two hour documentary explores the issue of the distribution of wealth in Australia at the end of the so called "greed decade" of the 80's. It is now a fascinating historical document on issues and debates that are as alive today as they were then. The film was two years in the making and screened over two nights on SBS. Audience reaction after the first screening was so positive that SBS re-screened the whole film just one month later.

There is a cast of thousands of "big" and "small" Australians whose opinions are sought on this compelling subject. From the visibly younger John Howard to the late Prof. Manning Clark to cartoonist Michael Leunig, you will be amazed by the candour and diversity of ideas in this film.

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Alan Bennett